Privacy Policy

This is the one and only Privacy Policy for my website Please read it carefully so you are aware of how my blog treats your privacy.

First off, I want to say that my blog is a safe and simple site that has game reviews and tips on game hacks / cheats. So you do not have to worry about your privacy while you are on this website ( Still, please go through the whole page below.

Advertisements. I might show you online ads on this website. The advertisements are placed by other people / companies who make use of browser cookies to show you relative ads. If you don’t like related ads you need to disable cookies.

Third party sites. I might have links to other sites on my page that take care of the tips I provide here. Please understand that you need to be careful when you exit my page, as you would need to be careful everywhere else on the Internet. I am not in charge of the other pages so I can’t guarantee your satisfaction once you leave my site through these external web links.

I have a script in web code to keep track of the site’s visits. This records your IP address together with visit data (date and time). I am not selling or giving away this information, so only I can see it and I need this only for statistical reasons.

So as you can see, your privacy is totally safe when you browse my website

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