Meet Steve

Hello. This is Steve.

I am a professional gamer and a part-time blogger. I love computer games since they started to go public.

I want to bring my experience on Fallout Shelter to you as this is my favourite mobile game. I started this website ( with a game review and tips on how to hack free lunchboxes in Fallout Shelter. Though my main purpose of this blog is exactly this game, I will make game reviews and tips on other video games just to keep the blog more interesting for my readers.

There will be more mobile games (on iOS and Android) as well as Windows (and perhaps Mac) games, too, that I will give my review on. Supercell is a main developer for awesome applications which make the day full of fun.

Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions or ideas related to my blog here. I will be updating the blog constantly, so please check back and share stuff with friends.