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Stellar Frontier Development Log


  • Fixed serveral crash bugs using 2.0's coding for threading and other things. Some bugs that have been solved include locking up/freezing when hitting the disconnect button, or when trying to save your profile.
  • Fixed a potental exploit that allowed you to change your score. Now if this bug is found to be used, your score, credits and kills will drop, and your death will rise when attempting to save it on the nexus, so don't do it.


  • Fixed a exploit involving score and killing an AI that has not been killed in awhile by limiting the amount of points you can gain for one kill.
  • Lowered threshold for time vs score by double. Needs testing.
  • Changed security keys.


  • Fixed max starbase counter (Only checks when 'giving' starbases to AI.)
  • Fixed proxy damage with bombs. Bombs should now explode properly with any 'size' planet.
  • Population damage should work properly again.
  • Fixed issue pointer in damage/refit when using SHIFT - >> to change modules.
  • Fixed a colony spawning bug that allowed more then the planets 'maximum' colonists.
  • Fixed a bunch of 'spamming' log messages that occured. Log files should not build up as 'quickly now'.
  • Rebalanced a couple ships and weapon damage for bombs.
  • AI Starbases + bombing does not damage the starbase dispite what damage reduction is at on that bomb type weapon. (Changed it so that you can't run 'in' with your bombs and suffer no damage.) Bomb damage is raised from 10% to 60% on anything not a planet.


  • Fixed issue with bombs not lowering 'supply points' when getting hit.
  • Fixed issue with damage on several proxy weapons, mines, bombs, grenades, etc. (Note: Bombs have a damage reduction against ships but in 1.4.0 the damage reduction coding was messed up.)
  • Added weapon bitfields: flag_exempt (to exempt a weapon from being damaged via prox weapons), flag_proxrange and flag_damageovertime. A typical proxy will have both flag_proxrange and flag_damageovertime enabled. (Bombs for example only have damage over time so they can actually hit the planet and deal large damage.)
  • Improved brakes and fixed brake to work on KEY '0'.
  • When attacking with bombs, supply will not increase for X amount of seconds, (same as orbiting in 1.4.0).
  • Fixed issue when Ships were captured, if the target did the capturing warped out, the captured ship wouldn't have a stuck 'warp' bitmap
  • Fixed minor issue with refit/damage pointer where the pointer would not reset to the top properly if you had more then 12 modules.
  • Changed spawnable 'debris' to only spawn debris not under 'NO DEBRIS PICKUP' bitfield in the module files. Allowed POWER modules to be upgraded through debris.
  • Changed default amount of robots to be smaller when playing online until we get the network coding solved. This should help a bit with some 'lag'. (From 32 AI ships to 20 default.) Offline mode has a normal of 34 AI ships.

Version 1.4.0

  • Fixed issue where you could rapidly tap del key to explode a weapon or bomb several times.
  • Adjusted 'on maximum tractoring' shield limit from 400 to 500 (shield:3 or lower)
  • Fixed issue where removing boost would remove the engine noise as well. (Boost noise and Engine noise are seperate)
  • Picking up objects will only trigger the 'sound' for your ship.
  • Crew now changes properly when changing ships. If a SB is orbiting, your crew count will also raise up (picking up crew from planet.)
  • Fixed a minor crash on startup due to settings.
  • Fixed issue with credits not being displayed properly.
  • Fixed issue with "ALREADY CONNECTED" booting you on connect even though you just entered for the first time.
  • Added cloak_blockade value, which when 'on', allows you to cloak and blockade. Default is OFF. (Alot of things have been changed to benifit orbiting without this.)
  • Added orbit_supply_mode, a new mode which gradually repairs your system/replenishes ammo rather then a instant replenish. Docking with an SB still gives you an instant replenish of ammo and a faster repair rate. This should should the O key rapid fire shield repair. You can disable this and go back to the default system if needed be. Orbit supply mode gives 3-8% ammo and 2-7% shields PER FRAME to one module depending on planet population. More modules = slower repair and should help with some missile spam (though there still a bit.) for example
  • Optimal crew now adjusts if you drop modules to prevent having a 'larger crew' then specified.
  • Boosted overall tractoring strength/power on Starbases by 20%-25%.
  • Edited checksum values. Fixed a couple checksum issues that would boot you when picking up modules.
  • Fixed issue where score does not save due to getting booted or server being disconnected (Such as NO CONTACT.) Score will now always save dispite what type of logoff you experience.
  • Fixed issue where back button and upgrade button kept reversing when upgrading and selecting an upgrade.
  • Fixed issue where credits were lost if you got captured.
  • Fixed issue where AI would never tractoring after death.
  • Fixed a key issue on laptops where hitting the MUTE key would make you go DOCK.
  • Fixed issue where selecting the last planet sometimes crashed the client.
  • Removed 'server info' from the chat window.
  • Added 'server info' to its own button (F11). This gives you DETAILED information about the server settings!
  • CLIENT/NEXUS are now using encryption & a couple other hacking prevention methods to prevent exploiting of scores. (Temp solution until we recode using RSA public/private keys and have the server send scores, not client.) This however should solve most issues/exploits people are using.
  • Fixed issue with splash not displaying (Still one minor issue where it doesn't display if you have a menu window open after running the game but works anywhere else.)
  • Fixed issue where hitting the SAVE button too fast would crash.
  • Fixed issue where damage/refit window would not respond after equipping/unequipping a module.
  • Fixed issue where you would get stuck on starbase after being captured & changing ships.
  • Fixed BACK button on modules where it would 'DROP YOUR MODULE' rather then going back to the previous screen.
  • Added AI only modules.
  • Added SUPPLY RECOVER DELAY. (supply_delay) After orbiting, supply will not start 'raising' back up unless this timer is first met. Default is 8 seconds. This allows you to 'dodge' planet fire and reorbit without the supply replenishing itself in a couple seconds.
  • Fixed issue where cloaking and using rams would state "LASER DEACTIVATED".
  • AI ships now go get ammo when ammo is low, and will orbit until they have 'replenished there ammo', unless attacked.
  • Fixed an issue where you could spam the Y key to get enemies to attack you even if you were not in range of using tractor.
  • Fixed issue where your QDRIVE would upgrade even if the upgrade was 'useless' to your ship. There is now a check to see if you can 'warp' with the new qdrive, otherwise it will not change. (This prevents your heavy qdrive from being changed to a qdrive:3)
  • Fixed issue where the CONDITION BAR (Aka where it alerts you if a ship is near) to work properly. Orignally if you alt-tabbed, the status bar would mess up and not work for awhile.
  • Fixed issue where population could rise by giving a weapon a 'negative value'.
  • Fixed issue where modules would go past 100% you use a 'negative value' weapon.
  • Recoded lasers completely.
    • Auto-defense laser now works properly on all races and can be toggled with SHIFT-NUM if that laser is allowed to be in autofire mode.
    • Fixed issue where lasers would spam across the screen.
    • Fixed issue where laser would fire on a old target on fire trigger for a split second.
    • Fixed several issues with AI using auto-defense, aka it would damage you even if it was firing on a missile.
    • Auto-defense must be toggled (again, shift-num) and cannot be turned off by firing anymore.
    • Auto-defense has a 'fire rate' value that can be adjusted in the modules file. Most lasers are not point defense good, unless you use the LASER PD or LASER IV. LASER PD however can not be used as a regular laser and is defaulted to always 'auto-fire'.
    • Fixed issue where lasers would fire even if you had no energy.
    • Split up laser damage and laser energy consumption. Laser energy consumption is now a value you can adjust.
    • Lasers now use energy properly like all other modules do. They do not take from your 'main power capacity' to fire, but still take energy from the main power capacity to charge. This 'balances' out lasers more. (Lasers are also more consistant now for firing so I had to lower damage.)
    • Other bugs solved with laser coding.
  • Removed race 'bonus' value on win to prevent exploitation.
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur if you paused the game and tried to go back to the menu.
  • Starbases using two tractors at once should not occur anymore.
  • Added 'safedelete' to prevent a few game exit crashes.
  • Mutex coding completely redone (Thanks to Brent!). Any lockups will be displayed in the log file.
  • Removed 'player exists on nexus' and combineded it to one tickbox "Create/Existing player on nexus'.
  • Fixed several create character messages so you know whats going on, (For example, wrong password, invalid email, invalid client, etc.)
  • Added MISSILE GRAVITY. (missile_g) Default is set to 75.
  • Removed light_speed and max_acc from the settings to try to 'globalize' the movement physics (scaling).
  • Removed laser spam messages. If you are in range it will simply fire on keydown (I'll have a better system for this after.)
  • All modules can now use bitfields!
  • Added 'not_purchasable' for bitfields in modules.
  • Added 'always_autofire' and 'never_autofire'. These will only work with weapons and will prevent a weapon from going to either mode. You can now make autofiring missiles for example or never have them fire (like it was), as well as proxy weapons that do this (if you are crazy enough.)
  • Default Ship to Plant gravity adjusted from 50 to 30.
  • Fixed up 'blast objects' (prox weapons)
  • Q-Drive speed value divided by 10 so you can make more 'customizable' q-drive speeds. (Originally gains in 1.00C, now gains in 0.10C).
  • Removed loytalyCycle from being changed and defaulted it to 120.
  • Changed weapon modules dramaticlly. They now use BITFIELDS so you can create more unique weapons. You can reduce damage on anything not in the trigger (For example, setting a weapon to trigger on weapons with a reduction value of 10%, will mean anything NOT planet will do only 10% of the damage!)
  • Added a 'freefloat colony' case to triggers so you can have a trigger of only 'colonies'.
  • Fixed an issue where you could fire a weapon using auto-fire, then use the mouse to have a 360 degree firing range (Aka ignoring the angle values!)
  • Unbound colonies do not use weapons anymore.
  • Changed 'BOMB' to 'ORBIT'. Orbit weapons are dumb weapons that are effected by orbit, they will not act like bombs (aka hurting colony supply) unless you add the bitfield trigger of BOMB. (See missile file for more details.)
  • Fixed colonies to fire in a 360 degree. Previously in 1.3.x versions they were only firing in a 90 degree arc thus making super easy captures.
  • Fixed several issues with damage/refit screen; a) When changing ships, the module pointer should properly reset. b) When hitting back/view, it should go to the proper module rather then starting at POWER. c) Added a few extra buttons to the screen, such as 'NEW' for new module.
  • Fixed issue where you could capture starbases sometimes by orbiting a planet and capping it if the current ship did not have '2 tractors' and a factory due to it being 'built'.
  • Fixed trails to have a max limit of 100 frames, just in case.
  • Solved several docking issues with AI. (Going to rewrite all this coding in the next version.)
  • SF_DATA_GAME values are now validated to prevent issues with invalid 'values' that did not exist. (Aka if you typoed a value, it would corrupt the data_game file.) It will spit out invalid values to the log file if found.
  • Fixed AI floating away when they lost all planets.
  • Added max_starbase_counter to prevent people giving one race several ships. This checks the 'STARBASE COUNT' on a race before allowing a change. (untested)
  • Changed icons.
  • Fixed issue where starbases would get confused after trying to tractor them several times.
  • Fixed 'max cost' per module to prevent issues. Max cost is now HALF max credits, aka 500,000,000.
  • Added error control to prevent a invalid score from being submitted. If a invalid score is found, it will boot you and tell you so you don't submit a bad score and have to wait for admins to fix this.
  • Removed active score from ranking. Ranks now check every 5 seconds then every frame to prevent CPU usage.
  • Added 1920x1080 resolution.
  • Solved issue where you can SHIFT+> or SHIFT+< to get more lasers or modules that are not allowed to be bought.
  • Lowered credit costs for tractors.
  • Fixed nexus/server window to display a 'new version available'. You will not be able to play old versions on the nexus anymore and must update!
  • Fixed server window to display 'spaced' out names properly when selected.
  • Fixed a bug where you would lose your 'weapon arc' when changing weapons. (Due to RAM type weapons.)
  • Fixed several issues where game would look for a extra module that didn't exist on you ship (EX: I have 9 modules, but checking for 10.). This should solve alot of pointer bug issues.
  • Fixed several values that were being uploaded with resync and game enter that did not have to be sent (static values that did not change.)
  • Removed 'serial' number completely from coding (you'll see some '0' values removed in server windows, etc.)
  • Removd NM and NK from robot data files. These were two values that were never used anymore.
  • Many modules have less 'volume' and 'mass', and smaller ships have been rebalanced (Thanks to Sandtrooper for data). I still found that smaller ships were too powerful overall and should be benifical to use a small ship or a big ship.
  • Weapons have also been rebalanced with minor adjustments, and included is a couple extra weapons, such as Shielded Mines, and EMP Wave (EMP Wave does not damage anything but weapon fire around your ship. AKA It will not damage other ships. This will also affect your weapons too, so use it wisely!) Missiles use alot more energy but have more ammo, mines have been adjusted, bombs have been changed, cannons have a image, lasers have been completely redone, planets use there own AI only weapons, etc. Go check it out!
  • Laser sound fires every second frame rather then every frame.
  • Positioned buttons as best as possible when refitting/checking modules to be more interface friendly.
  • Intel now displays more then one line properly.
  • Many more graphics options to turn off to further increase FPS or adjust graphic 'settings' to something more 'free'. Options added; Shield Graphic/Cloak Bar/Boost Bar/Laser Bars/Ship Name/Planet Name/Bottom Panel.
  • Few graphic fixes such as guns, mines, cannon, etc.
  • Added additional shortcuts for quick use/quick navigation in start menu.
  • Fixed several RC messages to display 'what happened' if an error occurs.
  • All scn/dat files should work correctly now, as well as one extra rank for SOL beginners servers.
  • All dat files should open up with notepad properly now.


  • Fixed issue where score does not save online when you get booted or disconnected due to an issue (Such as no contact).
  • Changed 'Upgrade' button to be in same location when trying to equip ship (Previously Upgrade button would switch back and forth.)
  • Fixed issue where credits still were lost when you got captured (Accidently overwrote the wrong coding in 1.3.6)
  • Hopefully solved bug where AI would not tractor after death (Might still have a minor issue, not sure yet.)
  • Fixed issue where you could blockade a ship while being cloaked and still cap the planet.

Version 1.3.6

  • Change booster values back down to 1.2RC7 values.
  • Booster acceleration increase now works, and is the 'third' value in 'boost' module value. (There is a limit (Due to FPS) on how fast acceleration can go.)
  • Solved some issues involving 'booting old connection', and it booting you randomly.
  • Fixed issue with AFK + F9 syncing up when you did not have a q-drive module.
  • Solved some bugs in boost modules where you could use boosters to boost backwards if you held down the forward key first.
  • Fixed several heap corruption issues.
  • Fixed issue where if you were installing a module, the bottom message (Such as not enough credits/already have a laser/etc) would display incorrectly.
  • Change server 'time-out' due to not receving a packet to '5' invalid checks in a row rather then '1', which does seem to happen every now and then and boot you. (No contact boot.)
  • Boost now displays 'boost flames' correctly when using keys.
  • Edited invalid dock procedures.
  • Solved an issue where you/ai would get stuck after being captured. (This should be the last 'stuck' bug).
  • Fixed minor issues when using 'atime' for rotating images.
  • Changed boost 'credit' value.
  • Solved minor memory leaks (5kb memory leak)
  • Many random in-game crashes fixed.
  • Changed so you do not lose all your credits when you get captured.
  • Edited checksum to only check for your ship and not every ship while playing in online mode. This should solve alot of checksum random boot errors, hopefully. (Seemed like alot of checksum errors were due to robots and packets not properly receiving due to lag/etc.)
  • Fixed incorrect password message. If you input a wrong password client will now output the proper error instead of leaving you in the dark.
  • Fixed 'warp module' random crash
  • Fixed startup splash/main screen window so that it displays properly every time rather then the current issue where screen fails to 'display' properly.
  • Many dangling pointers and arrays crashes are fixed
  • When warping, ram weapon now vanishes.
  • On death, ram weapon will vanish rather then respawning attached to your ship.
  • Fixed issue where ram weapon would vanish randomly after trying to use it.
  • Ram weapon damage reduced by half, and you cannot 'stack' ram anymore. (Will be adjusted better later with SF 2.0)
  • Fixed issue where IP was being displayed after F9 (Syncing up).
  • Fixed issue where AI would keep trying to tractor even though they weren't close enough (Thus causing alot of tractor spam noises.)
  • Fixed logging in some areas, as well as fixing logging when joining a online game to proprely log now.
  • Fixed issue with using volume control on most new laptops, where it would trigger cloak activation.
  • You can now fire through uninhabitied planets with generic guns. However, bombs/exploding weapons will still hit the planet (Mines, for example.)
  • Fixed interface loading color to not go green 'twice' when loading online dat/images with online play.
  • Fixed issue where in some instances, interface BMP's would try to redownload over when connecting to a server.
  • AI only ships can now be created.
  • Ship 'unlock timer' now fixed and can be used. This is in 'minutes', so for example, if I set the timer to 5 on a Starbase, that ship cannot be used for 5 minutes (Kind of like 'researching ship'). However, when the ship is available, you will be able to select it in the startup screen or by switching your ship in game. This would be 'server time' not 'client time'.
  • Fixed issue when using ship_data (Spawning ships data) where the ships would not fire properly due to a failed loading of modules.
  • -timeoutsec changed from 10 seconds to 30 seconds. You will need to adjust this in your own server.conf file if you do not get the full installation.
  • Changed default modules and weapons in a better attempt to balance. The changes are as follows:
    • Blaster/Mass Driver/Photon Gun/Plasma Gun: Damage increased from 150 to 200.
    • Stinger/Plasma Torp/Disruptor/Helix Gun: Damage increased from 315 to 340.
    • Hornet/Rail Gun/Scorpion/Quantum Torp: Damage decreased from 500 to 480.
    • Smart Missile: Damage increased from 180 to 205.
    • Rapid I: Damage increased from 100 to 120.
    • Rapid II: Damage decreased from 400 to 380.
    • Heat Missile: Damage increased from 400 to 425.
    • Dart Missile: Damage increased from 150 to 175.
    • Cannon: Initial Speed decreased from from 0.40 to 0.30. Max Speed decreased from 0.90 to 0.80. Power per missile reduced by x3 times. (With power:5 you can fire 12-13 cannon shots instead of the original 4 cannon shots before your power is depleted.)
    • Flame I: Damage decreased from 300 to 250.
    • Flame II: Damage decreased from 200 to 150.
    • Implode Mine: Damage increased from 500 to 1250.
    • Shields: All shields increased by 100 shield points (Reminder, shield points are 'times' by the power, so for shield 2, shields are 400, and power is -3, so your total shields are 1200.)
    • Boost: Boost acceleration now in place. Boost acceleration value is now the '3rd value'. Boost values changed back to original 1.2RC7 values.
    • Module Hitpoints: Most modules increased by 50-100 hit points. (Will allow more 'after shield is depleted' hits)
    • Different colorized 'mine' images for the mine/cannon/impode mine.


  • Fixed uninhabited color of planets to be grey.
  • Fixed a server crash that occured due to the new 'port' logging system
  • Fixed a client/server crash that occured with modules, and only occured on some computer systems where the game would crash when AI or yourself would get modules.
  • Added 800x600 splash screen, and added the required BMP for it (Make sure you extact the BMP folder if you get the upgrade zip.)
  • Solved an issue where if you tried to select a race/ship before the game was even remotely loaded, the game would crash.
  • Solved a 'wwave' crash that occured on exit.

Version 1.3.5

  • Solved issue where removing your warp drive or having no warp drive causes 'AFK' F12 key to mess up.
  • Removed compression from interface BMP's which caused some issues on some computers.
  • Fixed buttons from overlapping.
  • You can now move around when you unafk to prevent being a sitting duck for the 10 seconds. (And only move!)
  • Solved AFK bug if you try to 'AFK' when you have something docked with you.
  • New RAM Cheat detection If you still have issues, please see myself, (Your issue is now most likely due to a invalid mod file.) RAM Cheat detection protects all values and a couple new ones, such as tube ammo amount.
  • Solved random crash when you hit stop button on server.
  • Winning a scenario will not kill you; enhanced protection, such as missiles vanishing instead of exploding, and anything docked not damaging you.
  • Solved an issue where the server would randomly crash due to a invalid BMP.
  • Solved issue where if you had a laser already equipped, and lasermode is 0, you could not change that laser.
  • Solved issue where private Chat can sometimes end up writing in general/global area.
  • Winning a scenario and then quitting the game will not create a crash 'error'.
  • Fixed logging after scenario was won, it would halt due to a char value not being set properly.
  • Endgame points solved. The bug above would cause points to be messed up.
  • Solved displaying planets issue, where it would display more planets then needed.
  • Colonies now explode when supply is at 0, rather than 'vanish'.
  • Change bonus system to be a tad better on rewards for players who play long. Initial points start at 1k max, and the longer you play, the more points you will gain. The calculation is now 1000 + (500 * (0.5 per 30 minutes)) for your MAX score of what you can get.
  • Colonies now have two new values for supplies, via tractor or free floating. While being tractored, the supply value drops 1 point per 10 seconds, and being free float, the supply drops 1 point per second. This value can be changed, please read the 1.3 Upgrade Changes to view how to change these values. In short: supply_tractor_time 10 & supply_free_float_time 1. This can be disabled by setting the value to 0.
  • Solved an issue where capturing a ship would still give high credits.
  • Messageboxes will now appear ABOVE any other window to prevent from 'vanishing' below the game and creating an issue where you would have to 'alt-tab' it.
  • Cancel button enabled while loading again, but may still crash atm due to Display Engine issues. (Will be solved with the new engine.)
  • You can now change laser colors and tractor colors to whatever you want. Please read the 1.3 Upgrade Changes to see how to change this.
  • Solved moon/planets having a orbit glitch. Max orbit value is now 50, minimum is 0.
  • Solved a F/O key exploit that would give you unlimited energy while being in the middle of a planet.
  • Added AI only races.
  • Added 'teams'. You can now team up races. Races cannot take other planets colonies, however, they can drop there own colonies on them to help out team planets. Team wins are dependent on the TOTAL value of what planets they have. You can have different win conditions per race still, however.
  • Fixed Intel and changed 'global' message to be white.
  • Changable race colors are now in effect.
  • Added 16 new colors on top of the current 16 colors already in game. Please see this colorsheet for all of the colors
  • If you kill a friendly ship, you now do not gain points (points set to 0 on a friendly kill.) You as well lose credits instead of gaining credits.
  • Solved [Colony Available] from flickering all the time.
  • Solved video screen from not resetting properly on death.
  • If a mod is broken and will not load at all, you can now click CANCEL and it will unload properly without the screen freezing.
  • Solved an issue where trails would 'explode' if a blast radius type gun exploded near them.
  • Solved an issue where picking up some items would give high credit.
  • You cannot pick up fuel cells or batteries.
  • AI players and team ID now displayed at login screen.
  • Docking bug for players should be resolved. If you are still stuck please notify us, however, F9 resync should solve it just in case.
  • Console damage/refit buttons now refresh properly depending on what you do.
  • Solved an issue where if you had more then 12 modules and removed a module, the module list would mess up.
  • Spaced out race/name. Also changed some default weapons/ai names to reflect this usage.
  • Solved module price list. You will now not get 'negative credits' for picking up a invalid module or a module that has high stats.
  • Solved issue where trails would not display properly. This may still occur if there are too many missiles, however, it should work alot better then previously.
  • Added temp /ignore command. Players ignored will reset every time you login. This will be solved in the future with a perm /ignore and a unignore command in the future.
  • Update help commands in game.
  • Several bmps changed minorly, such as warp, and colonies, and trails being reduced, thanks to Eklei!
  • Updated credit list, and added 'special thanks' to the donators!
  • Three new impact sounds. Light/Medium/Heavy noises added thanks to Eklei! Updated missile designs to support this. If you have custom weapons, you will need to change your sounds, else default is the 'heavy' default sound.
  • Two scenarios have been fixed up. First Contact has been readded and The Drengin Invasion has been updated and uses 'teams' where Arcean and Terrans are joined together, while Drengins have a sizable hold of Sol, including capturing "Earth". Terrans are forced to start in the 'outer SOL system' and must work to get back in and defeat the Drengins with the help of the Arceans.
  • Server logging now logs using a port number in the file, so you can run multiple server logs with no 'clashes', For example 20001_console.log.
  • You can now download .wav files as well with a custom mod that requires files to be downloaded.
  • Ping noise raised from 7 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Rebalanced ship shields and added one new shield. This is to add 'stronger shields' for bigger ships.
  • Added 0.2gu extra to every ship.


  • Fixed issue with music that did not allow music to play.
  • Fixed issue with dat/scn Beginners SOL file.

Version 1.3.4

  • Server GUI displays AI names.
  • Fixed issue where if a SB type ship died & there planet count was 0, nothing would spawn.
  • 'atime' bmp sequence added. This is similar to 'time', however, it will continue to animate even when docking/tractoring/etc.
  • Solved 'A new system has been incorped' double bug where it would spam the message more then once.
  • Made sure AI do not use a weapon for a 'new system' but also now server checks to make sure players do not either (expliot wise.).
  • Solved colonies not displaying proper status message.
  • Solved colonies randomly getting captured when fired apon.
  • F9 cannot be used during explode or docking to prevent certain bugs.
  • Added Max_away_distance to ships so that they stop floating away and imbedded it in the duty controls. Max_away does not effect human ships or ships that are warping. The default is set to 3000.
  • Added AI_blowup_timer, which works with max_away_distance, if the max away distance is called, they have this time in seconds to get back near a planet before exploding.
  • Since the two top are added, vanishing AI should be solved.
  • AI_vanish_wait has been brought out to use. This simply allows you to adjust how long they will wait after cloaking/warping to pick a new target. Default is 60 (and has been since 1.2)
  • Fixed chat buttons from getting overlapped (From the chat window)
  • Fixed button lines.
  • Changes to invalid docking issues.
  • Changes to allocation of arrays in GameEngine to be proper to prevent crashes.
  • Fixed issues in Client and mp3 player causing a crash on exit.
  • Fixes to server stop button to prevent crashing.
  • Added one new resolution.
  • Solved issue where trails would be considered a clickable object.
  • Solved several random crashes, however, there are still a couple rare crashes.
  • Made cancel button gray out until done loading to prevent 'load' crashes next time you try to load if it was in the middle of loading graphics.
  • Solved some issues where Starbases aren't clickable, but requires more testing. May still happen in other methods.
  • Added ability to 'kick' a AI off by exploding them. Only in console mode!
  • Updated wmp3 to newest version.
  • Ability to view how long a missile has left before it 'detonates' by selecting the missile/object.
  • Selecting nearest enemy ship/missile/etc should now work more properly, as it did in 1.2.
  • Can now customize the max cloak sized ship (sf-halftone.bmp + editing the sf_bmp_misc halftone information)
  • Max cloak sized ship now works up to 128x128 by default.
  • Multiple laser options - Define laser_equip_mode:
    • 0 - Only equip one, damage is cut vs all lasers you have (You can however mod the game to provide more then one laser.)
    • 1 - Equip several, damage is cut vs all lasers you have - Currently default, but default because the only equip one is borked.
    • 2 - Equip several, damage is cut vs all lasers you have, energy cost is also cut vs all lasers you have.
    • 3 - Equip several, damage is not halved, energy cost is normal.
  • Added AFK function, F12 to use, must be in safe area (condition green). This acts as q-park did. However, when coming out of AFK, your ship is disabled for 10 seconds to prevent exploits.
  • Made Control Disabled/AFK only message on the ship that is using it, not all ships.
  • Internet Cafe (Safe zone) removed.
  • Money issue solved when playing online.
  • Cannot q-park through control-z anymore.
  • Added stats on chat command to give you information about the server, such as SB damage/popdamage, current lasermode, etc.
  • Servers can now be player balanced (fixed). 'balance' and 'max_balance_gap' must be specified, by default, this is off. This checks on death and on startup. This will prevent multiple players from joining only ONE side.
  • Changed death kills to 'race color' to define what race got the kill.
  • Fixed (~) from getting removed during gameplay and turning into a non-local profile. This could cause your profile to mess up
  • Solved issue where AI would be in player slot
  • Fixed a pointer bug where pointer would scroll up randomly at times.
  • Fixed a bug where after death, video panel would be 'locked' until you selected something. (Panel now resets on death.)
  • Fixed a bug where you could not self-destruct if you had no tractor.
  • One pointer (programming pointer) define solved that created a crash at times.
  • Changed tractoring a friendly ship to be more powerful (by half more.)
  • Rotation for timed ships decreased 3 times down.
  • Added AFK message failure when enemy is close.
  • AI now grab colonies alot better, they will orbit the planet first. Originally they get rapid different targets where to get colonies, which caused AI to go back and forth and never get a colony. This is now solved.
  • New colony bmps, which use the 'ATIME', by NiteHawk.
  • New interface by Jibbit!
  • New warpin/warpout by Jibbit!
  • New ship explosion effects by ATC!
  • New flame/missile/gun explosion effects by NiteHawk!
  • New sol sun graphic by NiteHawk! (More to follow next version)
  • New splash screen by ATC!
  • Couple new sound effects, including a less annoying 'pinging' noise, by ATC.
  • 'Big' gun damage against colony population damage changed! Colonies population will now lower instead of getting stuck.
  • Removed defection_rate, removed allow_surrender from sf_data_game.sec, as well as from scn/dat files that had it.
  • Installation dir name has been reduced!

Version 1.3.3

  • Changed inital values of sf_data_game.sec. Mainly so that AI do not sit and wait for colonies even though there allowed to pick them up.
  • Changed inital values of all scn/dat files.
  • Laser arc has been upped, (Still wider on smaller ships)
  • Heavy Q-drive, called 'qdrive:h', is now added. It is soley for heavier ships that cannot warp (minus Starbase), when equipping moderate to heavy modules. It's qdrive speed is the same as a qdrive:1, however.
  • Solved bug where when you orbited a small planet, it would spam "Orbit Established."
  • AIs will now drop on smaller planets alot better now, rather then the previous hovering over the planet.
  • Edited blockaid a bit, hopefully to solve the random team changes that constantly go back and forth between a race, even when not orbiting afterwards (Untested).
  • Private chat button added. Target a human ship and chat to them. The server GUI cannot see private messages!
  • Crashes on exit should hopefully be solved now.
  • The damage button being selected randomly is now solved.
  • Added some coding to solve AI from randomly floating away. Though there may be other instances of this, I've solved two issues:
    One due to them having no planets, instead of doing nothing, they now go hostile and attack the nearest colonies until they have a planet again. This bug was due to ships wanting to 'go to a planet' but unable to find one.
    Another floating issue was if AI we're waiting for orders, but didn't orbit properly yet. They would end up floating away, and if you tried to call them at a far distance, they couldn't come back due to the sensor not reaching them. They now ORBIT before awaiting orders.
  • You can now 'warp' colonies like older versions before RC7 if you edit the colony files. I readded this simply because it was not needed because you would need to edit the colonies/qdrive to allow them to be 'warped'.
  • When an AI captures you, or you have something on dock that is not a colony, and you try to warp, instead of the object exploding (which was an issue if you got captured.) it will undock the object.
  • New spawning system. AI have a set value rather then a messy planet/population ratio. If a race has no planets, then its max ships are 0, any other instance it is a set value set in your race file. Please see the upgrade center for more details on how to update your mod files to reflect on this!
  • Clicking a colony and crashing bug solved.
  • The entire credit system has now been scaled down by a factor of ten. This is to allow more credits into gameplay that you can build up. Basicly 1billion credits = 10billion credits... Get me? Ship values and Colony capping also reduced to reflect on these values.
  • Using the weapon RAM will not crash anymore (including a server crash.)
  • Stuck AI should now be solved, if they are stuck for more then 20 seconds, they should undock properly via removal of all flags. If they fail to undock after 25 seconds, they will explode. They should explode however, never should see this! It is all logged however.
  • Refit BACK button now works properly. Previously if you hit BACK, it would still upgrade your ship.
  • Nix and Hydra are now unhabitable. They weren't in the past though I think they we're ment to be, so AI would try to colonize these once and awhile. There simply to small of planets, and look silly when the colony is 10x bigger!
  • New main menu sound by ATC. Next version I am hoping to change alot/most of the sounds to nicer ones when ATC finishes them all up!


  • Changed bombs a tad. There are now two types (more in future?)... In previous versions, they did a bit harder damage then they should, and about 3 colony supply points per bomb hit. The new bomb 'fatman' (Yeah we'll rename this later.) is 3400 damage per hit, and is similar to the previous bomb, (Which was 4000 per hit.) with the same amount (12).. The second is just 'bomb', which has 24 bombs, and does 1800 damage. The difference? The 'bomb' only does one colony point damage while the fatman does 3. It is calculated by dividing the damage by /1000 and that is your supply points damage for now.
  • Rapids range reduced. This was to solve attack AI issues. Instead of increasing ship ai attack range (Which I feel would be too insane because there range is already high, don't need Ai trying to fire at you from half a map away.). Basicly, they are now JUST at range of a starbases guns, so you can still attack it, but you need to move a bit here and there.
  • Starbase damage reduced to 20%, and population damage increased to 85%.
  • The colony design file was incorrect, I had to solve a few things. It now works properly and you can set low/medium/high for colonies.
  • AI in protect mode will attack incoming ships in there range. This is only valid if you set the AI level to medium or high.
  • Remove smart missiles from Starbase until new missiles are added. Added one more tractor (One per side now.)
  • Planets will now attack you if you are nearby and in there space instead of waiting for you to fire. They will only call for help if blockaded or fired apon.
  • Added coding to hopfully solve AI being stuck. There is now a timer on them and they 'should' leave the starbase in 15 seconds if they do not leave after upgrades or spawning. There should be a message in the log about it if it does occur.
  • Constants changed. Max ships 200 (I'd suggest staying a few below this though. As well too laggy currently.) Decrease some constants to reduce lag (based on SandTroopers heavy mod!)


  • Solved issue with memory leak and new logging system.
  • 1152 screen resolution issue solved.
  • Sonar ping reduced to 6-7 seconds.

Version 1.3.2

  • Lock button now works again.
  • Fixed Goodbye message.
  • Fixed Loggers. Set logger to -logscreen to log console only. Console is saved in console.txt. Client/Server debugging are in frontier.log and server.log.
  • Infinity cloak solved.
  • You can now warp while cloaked.
  • Adjusted cloak. Added two new cloaks, patrol/long lasting cloak, phase/quicker cloak. Please see the upgrade center to get your mod up to date as two params have been added, which is added at the bottom of the Upgrade Center list, under modules.
  • User names can now have spaces, and removed "_" from user names so that IRC can cope with them without clashing names. If you have a name with "_" please contact an admin immediately.
  • Ship names now allow multiple/various characters.
  • Bottom panel now supports 24-bit colors.
  • Background updated and changed. New files sf-backXXXX.bmp, for example, if your resolution is 1024, sf-back1024.
  • Updated debris/stars that 'move' around the ship.
  • Added 1280x800 proper panel.
  • Removed stars from sf-guiXXXX panels as they are not needed.
  • F7 Ghost ships removed.
  • Dock issues should now be solved & AI should not get stuck.
  • Autofire + regular fire now solved. You cannot fire 'double' the bullets, as a bug.
  • Solved issues where you could 'drag' the AI starbase. As well, AI starbase will no longer 'follow you' if you tractor it.
  • Pointers in ship systems to not reset to top while modifying.
  • Ship bottom panel now only updates when needed.
  • Ship numbers/bottom panel information does not vanish anymore.
  • While not targetting anything, bottom panel removes information.
  • Music resets after game win during a single player game.
  • After starbase selected to change ships, cannot change ships again.
  • SB cannot be taken over after a planet is capped.
  • SB will now spawn before other spawns, as long as there race max population is 0. (Depending on planets captured.)
  • Client should not crash everytime on exit. (Though there is still the random crash bug.)
  • MP3 list shuffles properly now.
  • Beginner's Sol does not crash anymore.
  • Enable trail button does not crash anymore.
  • Instead of the previous 'check for duplicate names' which did not allow you to connect if you are already on, it will now BOOT the older connection and allow the new connection to connect.
  • 2 new MP3's added by ATC!
  • Enable trail button does not crash anymore.
  • Spy.exe readded and works with
  • Solved 'some' random crashes during load. (Note the 'some'. Need to get SF into a debugger to do the rest..)
  • Few other little bugs solved.

Version 1.3.1

  • Added proper shuffle list for MP3's.
  • Fixed MP3 volume to be it's own instead of modifying windows sound.
  • Enable Trails button in options menu no longer crashes.
  • Beginner Sol - Crash solved.
  • Fixed disconnections to work properly.
  • Added feature so that two SAME names cannot connect to the server.
  • Debris/Offline Server/Ship Designs slightly modified.
  • Undock issue should be solved, if not, please let me know. If it does happen, use sync to solve.
  • Starbases lowered to 25% damage instead of 40% damage.
  • Starbases cannot be taken over while capping a planet via orbiting while the SB is being built.
  • Starbases will now spawn/build before any other ship. You will always have a starbase being built or in play, unless you do not have a planet.
  • Solved issue where you could not change ships after a starbase.. This was done via the .dat files.
  • Some debugging removed.

Version 1.3.0

  • Removed Stellar Aces - SF is now totally free.
  • Solved blank loading screen at startup.
  • Solved memory leak where SF would not close on exit, resulting in you having to ctrl-alt-tab to remove exe.
  • Solved multiple crashes on exit/startup/in game.
  • Nexus now defaults to
  • Updated TCP coding to properly close connections, such as stopping a server, or hitting cancel at the nexus screen, (There is a small delay after cancelling, this is the connection shutting down properly.)
  • Removed obscenity filter.
  • Updated dates and times to 2008.
  • New player registeration updated
  • IRC server/chat window updated
  • Nickname/Shipname must be at least one character long.
  • Limit set for player name/ship name.
  • Updated zlib to 1.2.3.
  • Updated TCP sockets libs.
  • Windowed/Fullscreen modes. Game defaults to your resolution. Is res not found, defaults to 1024x768 windowed mode. You can change from windowed to full screen via the menubar.
  • Menubar now only opens with ESC key rather then hovering.
  • Options to disable klaxon and pinging noise in options menu.
  • Cannot use laser while cloaked anymore.
  • Support for more then 11 races.
  • AI bases are now killable depending on what you set them to be. See forums for more details.
  • Added more resolutions, including some widescreen modes.
  • Removed devmode.
  • RAM weapon now vanishes while cloaked, preventing a cheap kill.
  • Small ships should dock properly now.
  • AI should not hog the station anymore.
  • Solved bug which when removing boost, boost still acts like it is there.
  • Removed starfield from server GUI window in writing/reading areas.
  • Solved issue where gauges do not display properly after removing a module, such as shield, or boost.
  • IRC now works properly with player names
  • Bug solved involving gaining quick points while orbiting (blockading) a planet with two players, allowing quick points.
  • Boost is now lowered majorly, and acts like boost, not the main speed of the ship. Default speed increased in ship designs to reflect on this.
  • Removed midis + midi player, added mp3 player.
  • MP3s by Admiral TigerClaw (View the songs online!)
  • New planet graphics by SandTrooper
  • 1st officer spam solved.
  • Max values raised. Max missiles = 128 to 1024, Max BMPS = 128 to 512, Max Credits = 1 billion to 10 billion, Max module name characters = 12 to 20, other standard max values doubled.
  • Cloak now revamped. Cloak makes you completely invisible, but has a cloak delay/reappear time, where you cannot fire.
  • AI now work with the cloaking system better.
  • Modules now increased to support more then 12. Maximum is 20 now.
  • Current/Total volume now visible in refit mode.
  • SF loads all bmps before starting scenario, you cannot hit play until all bmps are loaded.
  • Server is now more protected and does not allow downloading illegally of files off your computer. File sharing is secure.
  • Pirate modules/guns are now green, (they have there own set modules and gun names.)
  • Freighter images now fixed.
  • Missile trails added and require testing.
  • While docking, buttons now update properly.
  • Bottom panel now revamped to support more bars and information.
  • Removed old devkick, added proper 'server side' only devkick.
  • Ships have been balanced, Stage one. (Not complete.)
  • Balance and addition of mid-grade modules.
  • Nexus now up at (or
  • Colonies now have a difficulty setting, low/medium/high.
  • Starbases now have damage values that you can set.. starbase_damage and starbase_popdamage can set the values of how much damage they take.. 100% for full damage, 0% to be immune to damage.
  • Updated all dat files to reflect on all changes.
  • Default AI value set to high.
  • Added option to remove graphic trails.
  • Many more bugs solved. See the Bug/Feature Center (Mantis)

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