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1.3x Mod Upgrade Reference

This is a guide to upgrading/updating your mods to be playable with 1.3x. If you have any questions, feel free to PM NiteHawk on StellarForum.

Version to

sf_data_game, main data file

  • supply_tractor_time 10
    supply_free_float_time 1
    These two values represent the tick time for colonies to run down there supply. supply_tractor_time is defaulted to 10 seconds and represents the time for one supply tick to go down while being tractored. Basicly, every 10 seconds, one supply will drop.
    The second value, supply_free_float_time is when a colony is free floating, how fast the supply should drop. Default is one supply tick per second.
    Colonies have a standard of 120 ticks.

Game files (.sec/.dat)
  • module data {
    #INCLUDE sf_data_modules.sec( [race]=Arcean, [nr]=0, [cr]=0, smart, bomb, heat, ram, grenade, dart, flame, cannon, ImplodeMine, DOCUMENT, SHOW )
    #INCLUDE sf_data_modules.sec( [race]=Terran, [nr]=1, [cr]=1, smart, bomb, heat, ram, grenade, dart, flame, cannon, ImplodeMine, SHOW )
    #INCLUDE sf_data_modules.sec( [race]=Drengin, [nr]=2, [cr]=2, smart, bomb, heat, ram, grenade, dart, flame, cannon, ImplodeMine, SHOW )
    #INCLUDE sf_data_modules.sec( [race]=Pirate, [nr]=3, [cr]=3, smart, bomb, heat, ram, grenade, dart, flame, cannon, ImplodeMine, SHOW )
    [cr] is the new change here. [cr] represents the COLOR for lasers and tractor. The next following fix goes with this. There are 32 colors in total, 0-31.

  • [race] laserI 3 50 -200 200 beam none beam*30*242*200*[cr]*6 [nr]4501
    [race] laserII 300 15000 -200 200 beam none beam*30*300*250*[cr]*4 [nr]4502
    [race] laserIII 4500 20000 -200 200 beam none beam*30*800*600*[cr]*4 [nr]4503
    [race] tractor 400 1000 -100 100 tractor tractor dock*400*2400*200*[cr] [nr]9301
    This goes with the [cr] in the game files above. You can either use [cr], or use a custom color here, for example, beam*30*242*200*0*6 will get you a yellow beam, for all races (Or races you specify have this laser in the .sec/.dat file.)
    I've also added/changed the shields, so check that out too.
  • Boost acceleration now works properly, and boost values have been changed back to default values to allow a better range:
    [race] * 100 500 -100 175 thrust4 none boost*1400*15*10 [nr]9201
    [race] * 140 700 -150 175 thrust4 none boost*1600*25*18 [nr]9202
    [race] * 160 800 -180 175 thrust4 none boost*1800*35*26 [nr]9203

  • A new value "AIOnly" had been added. An example ship with this is as follows, this would make a AI only corvette:
    [race] Corvette 0 yes 0 .72 Corvette[mr] 2 sexplode [nr]001 [nr] 2200 10 ([nr]1002,[nr]5001,[nr]2002,[nr]3003,[nr]7003,[nr]9201,[nr]9101,[nr]9301*18*0*18,[nr]4501*0*0*0*-16*16,[nr]4001*0*0*0*0*35)
    The first 'yes' represents a AI ONLY check.
    Race Design
    • * name raceid teamid colorid home dt debstart aipop aionly temp atmP grav bonus col% condition
      * --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Arcean 0 0 0 Titan 20 0 10 no 170 0.50 0.5 5000 60 "hold (Mercury,Venus,Earth,Luna,Mars,Callisto,Io,Ganymede,Europa,Titan,Rhea,Phobos,Deimos) planets for 5 minutes"
      Terran 1 1 1 Earth 20 1* 10 no 300 1.00 1.0 5000 80 "hold (Mercury,Venus,Earth,Luna,Mars,Callisto,Io,Ganymede,Europa,Titan,Rhea,Phobos,Deimos) planets for 5 minutes"
      Drengin 2 2 2 Mars 20 2* 10 no 240 0.50 0.3 5000 60 "hold (Mercury,Venus,Earth,Luna,Mars,Callisto,Io,Ganymede,Europa,Titan,Rhea,Phobos,Deimos) planets for 5 minutes"
      Pirate 3 3 3 Ceres 20 1* 2 no 300 1.00 1.0 5000 30 "hold (Mercury,Venus,Earth,Luna,Mars,Callisto,Io,Ganymede,Europa,Titan,Rhea,Phobos,Deimos) planets for 5 minutes"
      As you can see here, there are SEVERAL changes. TeamID, which if two or more teams have the same ID, they will be allied. ColorID, which can be a color of a race, from 0-31. AIOnly will represent a AI only playable race. To achieve a player only playerable race, set the AIPOP to 0.

    Version 1.2 and below to

    sf_data_game, main data file

    • 1.3 comes with starbase damage, so you can actually kill starbases. But you need to set the damage and population damage they take in percentage. For example:
      starbase_damage 40
      starbase_popdamage 80
      Would set the starbase damage to 40%, and the popdamage to 80%.. If you do not set these, starbases will default to 25% damage and 50% pop damage. Setting this to 0% will make them immune to damage, setting to 100% or above will make the starbase take regular damage, or more. With the change of modules, starbases are alot tougher, and you cannot ram/cloak kill them for a cheap kill.

      balance off
      max_balance_gap 3
      These two value represent balancing of a server. By default this is set to off, however, if you turn it 'on' and set the balance gap, if too many players join one team, it will move players over to another team, thus keeping the server players balanced.
      AI_vanish_wait 60
      AI_maxaway_distance 3000
      AI_blowup_timer 300
      These three values change how AI target properly. They were added to make sure AI don't float off or wait on a target too long, especially if they cannot kill them. AI_vanish_wait represents if a target cloaks and hides, how long should they wait, by default the value was 60 as well, but I've brought it out so you can modify it. AI_mayaway_distance represents how far they should go from the 'closest planet (any)' there attacking/floating off, to head back to the nearest friendly planet. This makes sure they stay within some distance of a planet/system. When this is called, AI_blowup_timer is started. AI_blowup_timer is in seconds; If they do not head back before the AI_blowup_timer is called, the AI will explode and a new one will be created.
      laser_equip_mode 0
      This will change the laser mode, there are 4 settings:
      0 - Only equip one, damage is cut vs all lasers you have (You can however mod the game to provide more then one laser.)
      1 - Equip several, damage is cut vs all lasers you have - Currently default, but default because the only equip one is borked.
      2 - Equip several, damage is cut vs all lasers you have, energy cost is also cut vs all lasers you have.
      3 - Equip several, damage is not halved, energy cost is normal.
      Note: These values can be overwritten in your .dat/.scn file!
      Remove any defection_rate and allow_surrender, as they are not used!

    Game files (.sec/.dat)
    • Colonies now have a difficulty setting. You can set them to low/medium/high. You need to add [diff]value to the colony_designs, for example:
      colony designs {
      #INCLUDE sf_design_colonies.sec( [race]=Arcean, [nr]=0, [mr]=0, [diff]=medium )
      #INCLUDE sf_design_colonies.sec( [race]=Terran, [nr]=1, [mr]=1, [diff]=medium )
      #INCLUDE sf_design_colonies.sec( [race]=Drengin, [nr]=2, [mr]=2, [diff]=medium )
      #INCLUDE sf_design_colonies.sec( [race]=Pirate, [nr]=3, [mr]=1, [diff]=medium )
      Would be medium stregth settings... For choosing a setting:
      low is what colonies previously were.
      medium have rapids as guns, thus firing more per volley, plus have shield:5
      high have a very high defence to boot, plus minor colonies use laser:2, and major colonies have been upped to use laser:3.
      Though I wish to config colonies to fire more properly like ships do, I will worry about this in the next version.
    • Missile designs require a [name3], which is now the midsized gun, between "Blaster" and "Stinger" basicly. Here is the base of what I use:
      missile designs {
      #INCLUDE sf_design_debris.sec
      #INCLUDE sf_design_missiles.sec([race]=Arcean, [nr]=0, [name1]=Blaster, [name2]=Stinger, [name3]=Hornet, smart, bomb, heat, ram, grenade, dart, flame, cannon, ImplodeMine, DOCUMENT, SHOW)
      #INCLUDE sf_design_missiles.sec([race]=Terran, [nr]=1, [name1]=MassDriver, [name2]=PlasmaTorp, [name3]=RailGun, smart, bomb, heat, ram, grenade, dart, flame, cannon, ImplodeMine, SHOW)
      #INCLUDE sf_design_missiles.sec([race]=Drengin, [nr]=2, [name1]=PhotonGun, [name2]=Disruptor, [name3]=Scorpion, smart, bomb, heat, ram, grenade, dart, flame, cannon, ImplodeMine, SHOW)
      #INCLUDE sf_design_missiles.sec([race]=Pirate, [nr]=3, [name1]=PlasmaGun, [name2]=HelixGun, [name3]=QuantumTorp, smart, bomb, heat, ram, grenade, dart, flame, cannon, ImplodeMine, SHOW)
      Mind you, the current ships require smart missiles, as the starbase uses it. If you do not want to use smart missiles, then you need to remove them from the starbase ship as well. Pirate guns have been added, and reflect a green color. Make sure to add module data for pirates as well: #INCLUDE sf_data_modules.sec( [race]=Pirate, [nr]=3, smart, bomb, heat, ram, grenade, dart, flame, cannon, ImplodeMine, SHOW ) .. For example.
    • You need to include missile trails now if you are using the default new missile designs. Below bmp_explosion:
      trail bitmaps {
      #INCLUDE sf_bmp_trails.sec
      Will do the trick. See missile area how to update those to use trails.

    • Increase max speed of ships, as boost only acts as boost now, and not the full speed of a ship. See example values in sf_design_ships.sec
    • Feel free to add up to 20 modules now, 8 guns maximum.
    Missile Design & Debris Design
    • Missile design and debris design now require an extra field after camera, which is the type of trail to use. If you do not wish to use a trail, you use (none), or (no), or (n), either will work. Trails are much like how you position a gun on a ship (which is 3 numbers). For example: (mtraily*0*0*-2) will position a mtraily bitmap behind the missile, -2 points back. A full example would be:
      [race] heat 400 0.30 smart heat 200 500 100 0 y (mtraily*0*0*-2) 0.45 smart Missile explode [nr]009 [nr] 1000 3 ([nr]8003,[nr]2101,[nr]7001)
      Current values are set properly on generic missile designs, but for additional or your own, you MUST add this, else it will give you an error message due to missing fields.
      (WARNING: You must add the design to debris for it to work properly as well, just set it to (none) for no trail.. Debris and Missiles use the same type of values, so that is the reason why it MUST be added.)

    • Modules have been added to play a part with mid-size ships. In the past, 1.2 only had modules mainly for small type ships, and large (starbase) type ships, and nothing in between. This is now changed as there are mid-sized modules to choose from to make choosing a bigger ship more valuable.
    • Cloak now has 4 params. For example:
      [race] cloak 50 100 -400 75 cloak uncloak stealth*750*800*3*5 [nr]9101
      The last two params (3*5) are uncloak speed, and cloak speed, in frames. There are 7 frames to decloak/cloak.

    Race Design
    • Race design now needs a AI ship population value. This value goes after debstart, for example:

      * name id home dt debstart aipop temp atmP grav bonus col% condition
      * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      Arcean 0 Titan 20 0 10 170 0.50 0.5 5000 60 "hold (Mercury,Venus,Earth,Luna,Mars,Callisto,Io,Ganymede,Europa,Titan,Rhea,Phobos,Deimos) planets for 5 minutes"
      The AI population is 10 here, thus they will always spawn 10 ships, unless they have no planets. If you wish to have a similar 'randomness' as it was previously, raise these values past the defined robots value in your scn/dat file.
      Ships should spawn more properly when defined here this way if you set it properly.

    Missile Designs
    Missile designs now support Heavy/Medium/Light sounds, Explode/Explode2/Explode3. You will need to change your missile designs if you have custom designs as the default design will use 'Heavy', which isn't good for small guns.

    Alpha Clan Elite
    DarkSun, NiteHawk
    Race: Any

    GB GB
    Race: Terran

    Knights Of Arcea
    Lord Rockwall
    Race: Arcean

    OE OE
    Outcast Eagles
    Race: Terran

    SIN Fleet
    Burton1, Tovec
    Race: Any

    Tribal Warriors Brotherhood
    Race: Drengin

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