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Notice: I am still looking for donations. Our graphics designer requests around $20 per ship now and we will be working on getting advertising up in the first quarter of next year. All donations go to making Stellar Frontier better! For the most case, we have gotten the 'main ships' of SF paid off. However, we still need some other ships such as carriers/fighters/pirate ships, and space buildings such as colonies/space ports/platforms. I will announce the donations on the boards, and I will also add your name to the credits in game (right before the long list of names too, so it will be there under "Donators"). Feel free to donate even a dollar, every single cent counts! Please let me know if you donated, and your full name so I can add you to the credits!

Stellar Frontier: Massively Multiplayer Spaceships

Now you know what forex trading is, you might be keen to have a go yourself.

Ever imagine what it'd be like to play Asteroids against your friends? Want to savor the satisfaction of blasting people and bots out of space? Want to experience the thrill of attacking and subjugating moons, planets, and entire star systems in some dangerously addictive 2D spaceship shooter action?

Slap on some snazzy graphics, customizable weapons and defenses, big explosions, warp drive and the revelry of flying through your enemy's debris as they vow payback, and you have Stellar Frontier, one of the longest running massively multiplayer spaceship shooter games still running today.

Join us in Stellar Frontier now. Chill and meet people from around the world... then kill them. Free of charge.

Over A Decade Of Fun

Stellar Frontier began as an OS/2 advocacy project in 1995 and proceeded through almost 6 years of beta development and launched commercially in 2001. We're looking for some fresh blood to revitalize the population and to bring some new skills to battle against over a decade of veteran spaceship mastery.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Were you the reigning arcade champion in Asteroids? Sick of playing Nintendo? Prepared to go up against veteran pilots and show them what perfecting your skills in Continuum has done for your spaceship fighting prowess?

Cruise into Stellar Frontier and see how bad you actually are! Want to prove us wrong? Download the game and show us!

Legendary History

Stellar Frontier is the result of years of foresight and development by creators Doug Hendrix and Neil Hillis, with a core support team of Brad Wardell, David Braun, Mike Duffy, and Kris Kwilas. Officially published by Stardock Corporation in 2001, it was fully supported by Stardock until 2006, but after that time, official support for the game itself was all but discontinued (although Stardock continues to maintain the official game website, SFOnline, even today).

Because the game had consumed and defined so many lives over the years, we just couldn't let it go gentle into the good night. So when the game's source code was released by Stardock in 2008 under a shared source license, a few passionate pilots improved the game, fixed the bugs and patched security holes, and established a user-driven renaissance for one of the greatest games ever to grace the PC. Their efforts resulted in the release of Stellar Frontier 1.3, years after the last official version of the game, 1.2 rc 7, was released by Stardock.

Unlimited Possibilities

Stellar Frontier began with a few servers, developed by Stardock, that came with the game. These classic servers, including The Sol System, First Contact, The Arcea System, The Drengi System, The Sirius System, and The Sol System (for beginners), are still beloved by veteran players and newbie pilots alike.

There has since been significant growth in custom servers, where the ships' looks and settings often vary widely. The action is often more fast-paced and challenging.

If you're looking to develop your own game, Stellar Frontier offers a solid base for development and almost unlimited possibilities for customization.

There's So Much More

Stellar Frontier has been around since the mid '90's, so there's obviously much more to this amazing game than we can place on this single page. We've got intense tournaments, a great community, awesome fleets, and some of the most addicting gameplay you'll ever find online. It's lasted this long for a good reason.

So download Stellar Frontier, drop by a server, and indulge yourself. And bring some friends too. And don't forget to stop by and chat at StellarForum, the Stellar Frontier central forum!

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